About Us


SDF Capital engages in the purchase, renovation, resale and rental of properties which are either in general distress or fundamentally undervalued. SDF uses its expertise to acquire, finance, manage and resell properties in diverse geographical areas including New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Investment Approach

We proactively source investment opportunities through strategic relationships with industry experts, real estate professionals, direct mail and search engine optimization. We identify those areas with the greatest investment potential and define the regions and strategies likely to offer higher value relative to other sub segments and areas.

Value Creation

We seek to create value for the communities we invest in as well as for our investors. We combine an entrepreneurial mindset with a disciplined and rigorous approach to investing.

Our team consists of highly skilled real estate specialists including developers, investors and brokers all who are considered experts in their field.

SDF Capital Principal Team

Larry Friedman


Frank Sanchez


Carlie Ortiguero

Marketing Coordinator

Michael Izzo

Office Manager

Robert Cody

Acquisition Specialist

Nicholas Cozine

Social Media Content Manager

Kevin Turnyanszki

Project Manager

Sheldon Robinson

Property Manager

Kyle Piper

Transaction Coordinator

SDF Capital Advisory Team

Michael Garafola

Senior Construction Advisor

John Romano

Project Advisor

Gio Domenico

Technology Advisor